Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CHASE Partnership WHITE Level

GEM Engineering, Inc. is committed to doing business in a manner that values & protects the health and safety of our employees. GEM participates in the Construction Health and Safety Excellence (CHASE) partnership. CHASE was established by the Associated General Contractors of KY (AGCKY) and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Occupational Safety & Health Program (KY-OSH) to promote a safe & healthful work environment in the construction industry. At the 2008 AGC of KY Awards Dinner, GEM was recognized for achieving CHASE WHITE status for 2008.

This recognition involved meeting the following requirements:

  • Meet all of the requirements for RED level;
  • Implement a comprehensive written safety and health program based on the ANSI A10.38-1991 Guidelines or OSHA's 1989 Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines inclusive of a 6 ft. fall protection program;
  • Assign at least one trained employee or other qualified person with responsibility for employee safety to administer the participants safety and health program and to conduct documented safety and health inspections of ongoing work; training completed in the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety & Health course or equivalent will be deemed satisfactory for these assigned individuals;
  • Conduct and document an orientation for all new employees in the safety and health program of the company, and show evidence of effective employee training for avoidance of hazards specific to the contractor's work site(s);
  • Conduct and document weekly employee safety meetings;
  • onduct and document self-audits;
  • Show evidence of employee involvement in the safety and health program; for example, participation in self-audits, site inspections, job hazard analysis, safety and health program reviews, safety training, and mishap investigations;
  • Develop and maintain a Substance Abuse Program;
  • Provide all field construction supervisory personnel (all those with direct supervision of tradesmen) with training equivalent to the OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety & Health Course;
  • Maintain a total case injury/illness incident rate that is "at or below" the most current Bureau of Labor rate for your business category.

This recognition was the results of a team effort by all GEM Employees. We are proud of this award, but even more proud that we have not lost a single day from an employee accident or injury since June 2006.

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